About Us

Pro-Able was established in 1991 and has served London and region continuously since.

We employ knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience and industry accreditation. We augment our employee’s knowledge by providing in-house, factory and industry accredited training.

We have a strong understanding of what is required when specifying a door opening system. In doing so, we consider the use of the opening, as well as life safety, security, barrier free, fire and building code, and LEED certification requirements.

Our employee’s experience, and our relationships with all the major industry manufacturers, allows us to be professionally able to specify, schedule/detail, perform on site inspections, fabricate, expedite, install, commission and maintain the most complex door opening systems. To ensure that this process is as efficient as possible, all fabrication, receiving and delivery of product is performed in-house by Pro-Able employees. Furthermore, we maintain a comprehensive quality control program that involves multiple reviews of product prior to shipment. Should an error take place, it is analyzed in detail and the program is modified to reduce the possibility of reoccurrence.

This “one call gets all” convenience is not just limited to door opening systems. We also specify, schedule/detail, expedite, install and maintain many other architectural building products. In doing so, Pro-Able is your leading single source provider of countless products and services.

Health and Safety

Our comprehensive Pro-Able Health and Safety Policy and Program can be found listed on the “Forms” page. Our policy and program has been proven able to meet the most thorough prequalification requirements.

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Pro-Able is pleased to have been a member of the CANADIAN FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS for more than 10 years.