As an “essential workplace” Pro-Able remains open with all products and services available.

Pro-Able has strict mask wearing and cleaning/sanitizing protocols in place. Team members are stocked with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies to ensure their ongoing safety. Additionally, for everyone’s safety Pro-Able has:

  • COVID-19 Daily Checklist completion
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan implemented
  • Virus Protection Guidelines and Requirements implemented
  • Working Remotely for those team members possible

In order to control virus transmission our entry doors are secure. When possible all meetings are to be held by telephone or video conference. Visitors to our facility must arrange an appointment or ring the doorbell to gain entry. Anyone entering must believe to be in good health and have past the COVID-19 Self-Assessment. A mask MUST be worn inside our facility and hand sanitizer must be used immediately upon entry. Both items are available at entry doors.

We continue to monitor all information available (news, federal, provincial and our local Middlesex-London Health Unit) to ensure that we are following all required guidelines and have the best practices in place ensuring everyone’s safety.

Lastly we must thank all of those critically Essential Workers that keep products available/moving and most importantly take care of our health and well being, these are truly the most essential and important people – Thank YOU!