Hollow Metal Shop with In-Shop Fire Labeling

With experienced hollow metal fabricators, and a strict quality control program, Pro-Able prides itself with knowing that product is delivered on time and accurately. We offer fast turn-around on stock frames and doors customized to suit hardware and lites. Our product is delivered to the jobsite ready for installation and painting.

Whether you need frames, or screens for new construction, or replacing an existing opening, our material can be sized to meet your needs. With modern industry machinery, our products are cut and prepared for hardware to a tolerance of less than 1/16”. With our large stock of different sizes and profiles of frame material, we can meet your construction requirements.

With our door products, we can customize a door to whatever your needs are. We can provide doors with proper preps for any manufacturers’ hardware. Installing glass is a snap with our lite kit material. Our tack and fill seams process will not only strengthen the door, but will provide a clean edge for a much more pleasing appearance. With different gauges of metal and different cores available, we can prepare and supply the proper door for the opening.

Our in-house fire labelling program offers you the convenience of being able to have stock, fire rated product fast. We are able to provide fire rated product from different hollow metal manufacturers, so there are fewer limitations, allowing a much broader range of options to suit your specific needs.

With our industry trained staff, we can ensure that our products are professionally able to serve your life safety, security and architectural building product needs.