Pro-Able PreInstall Benefits

Preinstall Equipment
  • No Hardware Room Required or Keeping Track of Inventory
  • No Distributing Hardware to Each Opening
  • No Dumpster Overflowing with Packaging Materials on Jobsite
  • Better recycling of packaging materials
  • Less Site Congestion, Less Time on Site has many advantages including virus spread
  • No Searching for Lost or Misplaced Hardware or Fasteners
  • Proper Fire Door Hardware installed on proper doors
  • Avoid Poor Quality Site Installs – This and poor Frame install are the cause for the majority of on-site problems
  • Electronic Hardware is PRE-TESTED
  • No Problems On-Site with Regards to Incorrect Door Preps
  • Doors can be installed later reducing the possibility of damage
  • Reduced deficiencies/punch-list items
  • Fewer warranty call backs
  • Prefinished doors with improved, quality finishes
  • ite install can be performed by your forces or ours

Hardware PreInstall Process

  • PreInstall Hardware onto Doors at Our Facility
  • Transport Door(s) to Site and Install in a Fraction of the Time